Website updates and registration

Website updates and registration

So the last few days I have been updating the website. The user registration has been activated (you can actually register on the website now), security measures have been taken to try and keep out the bots and a custom login/register page has been made. A user... read more


The Witcher 3 CFG Maker Test

The Witcher 3 CFG Maker Test

For anybody willing to give the new CFG Maker a try here’s the direct link. http://donotargue.com/online-fusion/cfg-maker/the-witcher-3/ I haven’t been able to test all the settings myself yet or the new user.settings only config file setup. Instead of...

Questions and Answers

The website has a new support section now. This section allows you to post questions in a similar way as on stackoverflow. If you have any questions, ideas or feedback please use the new support section. New social sharing features have been added as well to enable... read more

DNA-AMD GFX tweaks page

Today I have added a new page to the website. On this page you will find how to enable or disable settings and optimizations for your AMD GFX card. The page will be updated regularly to add new options and/or settings. The first tweak/option added to the page today... read more

Back to basics

Back to basics. It has been quite a while since my last post here. Life changes and goes on. Priorities shift and change and family goes first. After a long time of doing nothing width Do Not Argue I could not help to feel the itch and the urge to pickup driver... read more

Online Fusion CFG Maker – Alien Isolation

Fresh and new. The Alien Isolation Online Fusion CFG Maker. A simple new ENGINE_SETTINGS.XML file that will give you more control and settings for this latest Alien(s) game. This time it’s not really a CFG maker as there’s not much to make, instead... read more

Online Fusion CFG Maker – Watch Dogs

Fresh and new. The Watch Dogs Online Fusion CFG Maker. More settings and options. You can now set more individual options to optimize Watch Dogs to your specific needs. Enjoy this new and fresh release. And as usual for support, request or more information please... read more

Online Fusion CFG Maker – Wolfenstein: The New Order

And a new Online Fusion CFG Maker has arrived. The Wolfenstein: The New Order Online Fusion CFG Maker. It uses the new (Thief 2014) template with new icons and a better over view of how to use the CFG Maker and it’s options. Stay tuned for more releases shortly.... read more

Online Fusion CFG Maker – Thief 2014

Finally had the time to finish the Thief 2014 Online Fusion CFG Maker. It uses a new template, icons and a better over view of how to use the CFG Maker and it’s options. Eventually all CFG Makers will use the same template (will take some time to get them all... read more

DNA drivers database

Due to the high demand I’m re uploading the DNA drivers including the legacy releases. Because of the many years of driver releases by DNA-drivers and later on Do Not Argue it might take quite some time to get them all online again and in a simple and usable... read more

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